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Rare Personal Collection Art Graphic Dress


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So this was mine in 2002 I originally paid 850 for it on Robertson in Los Angeles. It is a very rare unique graphic print that was obviously custom made. It has a cool girl guitars all kinds of doodle art. It's a 2 which was my size my entire life I have had a lot of people ask me about it. If I wanted I could cut all the drawings out and put them on clothing and sell like that but I hate to chop the dress. It does have some telling under the arms which could easily be cut away and have the dress tank style or see if the dry cleaners can remove. Black velvet detail and the dress is a poly soft dress.

Due to the many possibilities I will sell discounted but as is. I have a lot going on and dont have the time.
It's shown with my MIU MIU PILGRIM shoes purple suede six 40 hardly worn.
Im not sure if I'm selling those yet they are fabulous. Headband SOLD 105.00 

I'll put close ups of the graphics it also stretches. It fits a 36C bust I had just had breast augmentation right after I purchased it so it fits a 2 maybe even a 4

era 2000

Jacket on etsy and here also a size 2

would be great for a festival dress the art graphics are very Rock n Roll

Yellowing visible in foto 1 and it has one little smudge of the black graphic but that could  have just been the fabric 

as is
all sales final read policies please
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Model Madison