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About BoudoirQueen Clients and Press

Step behind the velvet curtains and take a seat on the plush chaise lounge waiting for you with something sparkling as we step back to the days of glitz and glamour...when getting ready was a long event and needed it's time to create a look of allure and this enchanted place we have delicate beadings,  feathers and decadent lace...where the air smells sweet and seductive...secrets are told...laughter is heard. Where the rich vibes of the 1920's can be heard through the images of Theda Bara jumping jiving swim in the mind. Tantalising creations brought to you by your Boudoir Queen to excite the mind and enthrall you in wonder. 
Who is the Boudoir Queen, you ask!?! It is only the ever stunning Dawn Younger-Smith, a wardrobe stylist & stage clothing designer, who started her career as a model, muse and make-up artist for the stars. She even modelled for the great Steven Arnold, who helped the amazing Salvador Dali with the creation & opening of Teatro Museo Dali in Spain - jealous much, I believe so! 
The 'Boudoir Queen' name was created in 1997 with a client list that would make your eyes pop, she uses custom made fabrics and gems of antique textiles from Paris to create feasts for the eyes and cleverly mixes it with a dash of hard-edged rock n' roll for good measure...all ready and wearable for the dainty dolls at heart. 
But, what I adore most about them is not only their evident decadent appearance, but the tattered fairytale that courses through the veins of each piece, showing how much love and passion has been infused in each thread. They embody for me, what fashion and personal style is all about, creating and being creative with clothes and expressing on the outside how you feel on the inside. And one could not help but feel luxurious and playful in any of her pieces. Even if wearing them for a party or like me - any day of the week, you couldn't help but knowing you'll be walking out of the door looking marvellous! I can only sit like a child with a happy sugar rush to see more and more creations & hope one day that I can open my wardrobe doors and find a wonderful Boudoir Queen delight waiting for me!! I hope with great care, that you will love them to as I love them. I really believe that talent and hard work should be recognised and even more so, when it all comes from a fantastical woman Via The Daintydollshouse


Regina Ting Chen Stranger Things Netflix
Zoe Arquette
Karen Elson
Danielle Colby American Pickers
Susie Cave
Vanessa Paradis 
Frances Bean Cobain
Arrow De Wilde
Patty Griffin Stage -wardrobe,Video,Cd
The Citizens Band
Courtney Love Wardrobe Stage clothes
The Like-
EmmyLou Harris Video,stage clothes
Shawn Colvin -custom stage dress
Molly Sims(Model-Vegas)- Bq Dresses,accessories
Patricia Vonne(Sin City) -Stage Clothes,Video
Martina McBride -Cuff,Collar
The Veronicas-stage clothes and accessories
Karen Elson -cuffs,headbands,jewelry,couture dress,vogue Nine West advert
Carmen Hawk -cuff
Sarah Sophie Flicker -
Imogen Heap-cuffs stage
Jill Tracy-cuff
Murder,My Sweet -wardrobe,stage,cd
Joseph King-Deadbeat Darling wardrobe,stage
Kyle Ellison meat puppets -wardrobe, accessories
Sheryl Crow -cuff
Mark Younger-Smith/Billy Idol Wardrobe,stage,cd
Dawn Jones (wife of Tommy Lee Jones) Wardrobe
Carney Video -
Collaborations with Steven Arnold

Worked at Golyester Los Angeles
Where Women Create AUTUMN 2017
Lula #15
ZINK 2012
FLAUNT Magazine November 2011
Austin Trailblazer Award Austin Fashion Week
NYC Stylecasters Most Stylish 2013 Dawn Younger-Smith
We will be featured in Austin Monthly May 2010 "who to Watch"
March LOVE Magazine (Courtney Love)
Clash 2010 (Courtney Love)
Altered Couture
Rolling Stone
WWD (Patty Griffin)
Paste Cover (Patty Griffin) tons of BQ Originals
Bib + Tuck NYC Most Stylish Austin
Velvet Dust Dec Editorial 2013
Gothic Beauty Dec 2013
Belle Armoire winter 2 editorials 2013 dec
Belle-Armoire Magazine Summer issue 2013
No Depression Cover Patty Griffin Editorial-Elizabethtown Long Ride Home Video
Austin Monthly 6 page editorial on BQ
Carnagie Hall
Austin Monthly Underwater editorial
Austin Woman Cover Patricia Vonne
Austin Woman Editorial on Boudoir Queen
Tribeza Cover
Brilliant (BQ Purses and Jewelry)
Austin Chronicle After a Fashion
L.A. Weekly
Pincurl April 2010
News 8 Austin Fashionably8
and many more check out our Blog for full Bio

Make-Up Clients

Tyra Banks
Pia Zadora
Maude Adams (Bond Girl-octopussy and Tattoo)
Cheynna Phillips
Regina Russell(Hook)
Lauren Hutten
Lisa Marie Presley
Susan Tyrell(Andy Warhol's BAD and John Waters Cry Baby)
Joanne Whalley Kilmer
Wendy and Lisa of Prince

Make -up ads for companies
Doyle Wilson
Theirry Mugler Runway Show models include-Tyra Banks, Anna Nicole Smith, and many more
Photo Shoot and styling for Billy Zane
Look forward to being blown away by the innovative and feminine designs for 2023. Boudoir Queen is Art Deco meets rock-n-roll, truly cutting edge!

We hope that you enjoy your new Boudoir Queen garment. All clothing must be dry cleaned. Boudoir Queen clothing and accessories are made from the finest antique fabrics and findings. Please wear gently. Some of the trims are over 100 years old!
Thank you ever so much for Shopping with
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Divine Decadence

Dawn Younger-Smith from Los Angeles is a former make-up artist stylist to the stars. During the late 80's she owned the cosmetic company Poor Little Rich Girl Cosmetics sold in The Rodeo Collection in Beverly Hills and several other salons in and around the Los Angeles area. Her clients were celebrities such as Diana Ross, Maude Adams, Lisa Marie Presley and more. Starting in the 80's she had experience styling and doing make-up for Vogue, Details Magazine and L.A. Style.

Dawn was also a model and muse to the famous Steven Arnold who was Salvador Dali protege. She not only modeled in many of his images she also did the make up. Her photos are currently in his shows

Dawn the Wife of Music Producer and Rock Legend Mark Younger-Smith of Billy Idol/Charlie Sexton/Joe Cocker/INXS. Dawn has a wonderful son Dylan who she adores.

Dawn started her company Boudoir Queen in 1997 and currently resides in Smithville/Austin Texas. She has her atelier in Smithville near the famous Texas Antique Week Marburger Farms. To schedule an appointment to shop in her studio call 512 567-0511. Dawn has sold her line all over the world and dressed many fabulous personalities. Read below to see part of her clients list.

Boudoir Queen fashion shows and music videos can be seen by googling

Boudoir Queen /fashion shows Vimeo and Youtube

The Museum Of Whimsy Astoria is home to a vast collection of Boudoir Queen. Many of her garments are on permanent display.

Campaign: NIne West Vintage America
Season: Fall 2011
Model: Karen Elson
Photographer: Yelena Yemchuk Boudoir Queen Couture all images
Vogue Italia’s September 2011 Couture supplement,
appropriately called The Haute Couture.
photographer Paolo Roversi with
styling by Lori Goldstein,
the couture supplement Boudoir Queen / Gaultier


September 2012 American Vogue
September 2011 Italian Vogue

Where Women Create Article 3 page 2018
2012 Flaunt
Love Magazine
Rolling Stone
Bib + Tuck Most Stylish Closets December 2013
Velvet Dust Dec 2013
Stylecaster's Most Stylish 2013
Belle Amoire Winter 2013 Spring 2014 and fall 3014
Gothic Beauty Dec 2013
Lula #15
Belle Amoire Summer 2013
Zink Mag 2012
BUST Magazine Alexandra Valenti Editorial Oct 2012
Austin Monthly The Shining Editorial October 2012
All Austin Based Magazine

Austin American Statesman


People Magazine Boudoir Queen

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