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The New Farmhouse I call the Black Pearl (for personal reasons)

Posted on July 22 2022

This was a very thrilling find of the owners of our just purchased Victorian farmhouse. They built around 1870 and had a local mercantile shop. The shop opened around 1875 by the father. This photo was taken of them in 1913 and depicts the son and wife. In 1913-1914 the father dissolved ownership with a partner it was sold to the son. I have located records of the transaction in a 1914 newspaper. The son and his wife and 4 children lived in the house. I believe the son who was a City Council member died in 1969. The 1914 date is etched 3 times in our sidewalk with their name. Thats when the son took over. During inspection we were told the center of the house where the dining room, library, staircase and bedrooms are is the original 1875 house. The floor is rare made before long leaf pine. In 1914 they added the two parlors, grand entry, china glass wall built in and bathrooms and porches front and back. The kitchen was updated at some point. The family is buried at a beautiful cemetery here. The cemetery's first burials were settlers that were killed by Apache's and it's dedicated to them. Noting this was Indian territory and their home. I have discovered many photos I'll share of this hustling and bustling town back then. The photos are spectacular dating back to the 1840's. Many saloon photos. Crazy that horse drawn carriages would be racing down my street. I can see the couples promenade down the dirt road way back when. Then the Model T and so on. A few doors down we have one of the most popular destinations in the area to eat and  hangout. There is also another location in the center of Round Top. Great antique shops and so on. Mark went to the car and a huge buck deer was standing next to it the other night. Xx PS the website is under construction at this time until next Friday.