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Rare highly collectable Kenneth J Lane signed KJL Rare Sea Horse Bracelet Family Heirloom


So as many of you know this is a sought after and admired bracelet. This motif can also be seen on Hattie Carnegie pieces, because Kenneth Jay Lane used to work for her and when he left, he brought some of his designs with him. When buying this bracelet, always make sure that the head and crown is there; it tends to go missing due to age and wear.The head is marbled green lucite, with fine facial details. The crown and eyes consist of clear crystal rhinestones, and some adorn the body that makes up the bangle. The body is coated with black enamel. It in visually perfect condition it was my mothers. I will inherit a great deal of Jewels as she collects so I've decided to let this go. It was purchased ant Neiman Marcus when it came out in the late 70's 80's. Animals and mythological creatures are quite sought after. I've seen these for much higher prices its all over the place really. Most prices depend on what the dealer paid. The only problem is I've noticed the clasp come undone easily it has the emergency chain but you can bend or just have a feeler week it a little. 
All sales are final on this very collectable item as found vintage all sales final clasp slips a bit all sales final