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Anita Pallenberg Vibe 1950's (Whiting & Davis) Snake Necklace and Belt


Oromesh (Whiting & Davis) Snake Necklace and Belt.  Glittery silver metal mesh. Approx. Size: 32″(81); .75″ (2 cm) diameter Condition: Very good. Mark/Label: Oromesh (Whiting & Davis) Vintage piece – Get it before it’s gone.

Oromesh Snake Necklace Details

  • Silver snake necklace or belt.
  • Realistic metal “scales”, very detailed head & tail.
  • Clear crystal eyes.
  • Completely adjustable.
  • From Whiting & Davis’ 50s line called Oromesh.
  • This piece is part of an estate collection of snake jewelry and accessories.

all sales final Personal collection I remember wearing this in 2008 on our honeymoon to see our friends at Chrome Hearts and they were in love with this. There is a photo of Anita Pallenbeg wearing these somewhere I need to find them

Pricing is what I paid very nice