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Rare Deco Slip and Jacket Peignoir Set Cadolle Established in 1889 in Paris


(This gown seems to look brighter in the light photo 1-2 taken this week looks like photo one and two. The photos on the form make the gown look brighter. It is a pale pink) Last photo the Karen Elson dress. I will be posting more images of wear on the jacket. This is the slip we used as Inspo for a custom we made for Karen Elson to wear to SXSW breathtaking 1930's silk chiffon bias cut nite gown with as-is labeled matching jacket.
Made in France and sold at I.Magnin. The gown features hand stitched purple trim and appliques. Sexy bias cut. I think this gown is too pretty to be kept in the bedroom and would make a fantastic dress for going out in.

Cadolle was established in 1889 in Paris and is famous for making custom corsets and lingerie.

"Cadolle started out at the end of the 19th century, during the period that followed the Second Empire in France and is often known as ” La Belle Epoque” or ” The Beautiful Era”.
In 1889 French seamstress Herminie Cadolle packed her bags and leaft for Buenos Aires where she opened a lingerie boutique. A clever business woman, her boutique became the meeting place for the most fashionable women of the country.
During the World Exhibition of 1889 Hermine showed her new invention, the “corselet gorge”, essentially the first bra.
More than a hundred years onwards, not much has changed. Cadolle, now run by the fifth generation and headed by Poupie Cadolle, still sells hand-made, highly crafted couture lingerie. Faithful to the principles of the company, Poupie sees each of her clients herself. It is not unheard of to have to wait a while for an appointment, but like her mother and grandmother before her, she continues to be much-loved by her clients.
Each Cadolle couture product is either produced from the existing collection or is created completely bespoke based on the customer’s ideas and needs. Shapes, fabrics, colours and trimmings can all be completely customized.
If indulgence, craft and tradition are what you are after, it doesn’t get better than this!"

This maker is at the MET

Bust: stretches to 36"
waist : 26"
Hips: up to 38"

Condition: gown is in good fair vintage condition it has fading from age on the lavender flowers looks like it was meant to be. I would say the condition is nice on the gown with only minor signs of wear.  The jacket however, has a little splits in the silk on the back and was like this when I got it years ago. Picture below smaller tear in the back. It hasn't gotten bigger at all. It has some under arm staining on the jacket. I have not had this cleaned so Im sure its fixable. Really you are buying the slip and the jacket comes with and has the label. Rare. I would just say fading but it's pink with Deco motif and has mauve accents and the dress has original tie. As found all sales are final. Shipping over seas by DHL will cost 120.00 if you want the item insured and you are responsible for duties. This is a rare gown with label. My model is small but Im 37C 29 37 and I bought it for myself fits fine. Video on Boudoirqueen instagram