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SOLD OUT Crazy Coat Authentic Art Deco Patchwork 20's Robe or Coat With Ostrich Feathers and Giant Poppy Floral Gingham belt included as-is repaired

Sold Out

SOLD OUT This robe is in the video but has been reworked since

Authentic Art Deco Patchwork 20's Robe

20's teal vintage Ostrich Feathers and Giant Poppy Floral added by us

Gingham and 100 year old French velvet  Obi Belt made by us included // alone 150.00
Plain Gingham 48.00

as-is repaired we did our best to repair some of the patches of shredded silk but there still is a bit. The inside is like that of a quilt all the shattered orange silk removed.

I love this piece I paid quite a lot and have had for years hanging in a shredded state of condition but I felt it was worth restoring.
We gave it the BQ touch its very cool.
It does fit my model who is 6'1 but it is small snug thru the shoulders. It has to be belted it just looks better.  It fits me again snug thru the shoulders. But my model wore no problem. No lining. This is a one of a kind piece so grab it. We will not be making anymore. We did rework with BQ fabrics which is interesting
I only have one more set of teal ostrich feathers that are super old to make something else so get while you can. The old is far superior especially when resting an older garment.

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