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Electric Ladyland Cape


Electric Lady Land NYE Full Length Reversible Silver Sequin Green sixties Pussy bow Floral Pockets Best of Boudoir Queen in the new video!



This goes with the Electric Lady land Dress!

Fabulous Boudoir Bedecked Hoyden’s reversible silver sequined and floral cape with petite flower pockets and pussy bow featured in our Baby Jane ad campaign video that was posted yesterday on our Instagram 🍒this was our finale piece if we would have done the fashion show. It’s my favorite piece. I also have a fringe touring coat coming up as well🖤 hood capes only one left. Ps this goes with our hooded Electric lady land dress #offthelidsofchocolateboxes#swinginglondon #silversixties#gothichorror #boudoirqueen #fashion#vintagecapes #sustainablefashion#oneoffs #beautifulwear#nightwithlordbyron

Full length reversible with floral pockets video on Insta Boudoirqueen so cute looks like something worn on the Duchess
one of a kind!
Model Callie Stegemeier/ Lucy
That Tall Redhead

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