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Antone's Last Night

Posted on June 16 2022

Photo 1 was taken around 1:45 in the morning. Mark and Zak dueling guitars you can see them staring each other down. Zak is seriously cute btw! Last one Mark and his lead singer Lance (love him) who came out for support. Laughing that they both have on the same headband. Mark had to be up at 6:30 to work on the showroom at OW. I have some awesome photos of the owners house he did some work on. I'll post later. So many friends and it was sold out! Mark doesn't "Jam" that often he only likes to do his music so this was a rarity. Mark was really exhausted lot's of containers from Amsterdam are coming in. His design partner is out sick. He did a 10 hr day came home and drove to Austin at 9 then didn't get home until 3 and had to work at 7. He's in great shape super skinny. Smaller than me. How did that happen? <br> <c>