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Opening mid September//Dawn Younger-Smith owner of Boudoir Queen has been in the fashion Industury since 1983. She began as a model in Los Angeles and then created her own cosmetic label "Poor Little Rich Girl" Cosmetics. Sold to the stars on Rodeo Drive at multiple salons. She moved her focus toward clothing design and styling in 1997. Dawn married Billy Idol guitarist and music producer Mark Younger-Smith and in 2001 quickly became the darling of Austin's fashion scene. Dawn was awarded the Austin Trailblazer award in fashion and was also awarded the recognition as Most Stylish from New York's coveted "Stylecasters" most stylish. She was the first to have an interactive atelier on Congress Avenue where you could pick out antique fabric and have a custom piece of clothing made or bring jeans in to be embellished with fabulous textiles from her extensive collection. ELLE magazine did a feature on her bed jackets, Slips and jeans in 2003. She had three boutiques in the Austin are and also sells worldwide including multiple stores in Dubai. Her designs have been featured on many famous musicians and actresses and her work has been featured in the magazine publications Please read ( the sites press page). Dawn spearheaded the slow fashion movement. Her designs are carefully curated and ethically made. She is now living in New Orleans and set design and wardrobe are her current projects. View her many fashion shows and interviews online. Follow BQ on Boudoirqueen Instagram

A Night out with John Waters Susan Tyrell

Posted on July 05 2020

This is a newly released photo of the legendary Susan Tyrell Su-Su I have another posted but this image has never been seen.  I did the make Up and styling in this now famous Steven Arnold photo taken at Zanzibar Studios in Los Angeles. After the long sitting she was doing a performance in an off broadway show downtown. She invited me and my ex husband who did her hair to be her guest along with John Waters. It was a night to be remembers and the rest is history. My first meeting with John. We miss you Susan I loved you in Cry Baby. You made me laugh "do me sushi" private joke