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Old Shabby Chic Can-Can Dress 1930's Organdy Fixer Tattered Decadence For Study

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So this is a piece that I purchased to do a rework on. One of many many pieces that I haven't got around to. This dress was hand washed to find out the extent of the stains on the organdy. So I have had it hanging on display in my studio because it looks like a shabby chic flapper dress off some old movie set. It's peach it has extensive damage as you can see by the images. If you like a display dresses as decor like me then it's for you. The slip under is actually very cool and can be used its an oldie so I'm basically selling for the slip. I was going to cut away the organdy and and totally deconstruct this piece. So know you are buying a dress in very poor condition. The embroidery is all in tact. I just liked it on my wall. Would be great for a movie set 


shredding of the organdy

If you want to get creative go for it. 

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