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Crown Of Victorian Leaves with some remanning Victorian Small paper flowers Mourning Wreath Frag


Crown Of Victorian Leaves with some remanning Victorian Small paper flowers Mourning Wreath Frag

This one is from the same wreath with a few of the baby flowers Ade from paper just a couple the other listed is larger leaves only

Okay this came from a Gorgeous Victorian Shadow Box mourning wreath. I have the shadow box at Engles antique mall for sale. I bought this in the late 80's. Specifically Valencia California. I brought from Los Angeles to Austin and had it hanging in my shop. We started making flower chokers and I snipped one of the paper flowers off. They sold in a minute. Slowly my wreath was plucked clean of every paper flower and sold. My bad I know but good for my customers. This is parts of the greenery that we kept and used in a recent photo shoot. You can add flowers if you like but its pretty like this too. Its just a wire clipping of Victorian Leaves so you can do whatever you want wear as shown or make something else with it. over 100 years old. if it could talk ...........Leaves can be sculpted and bent

PLEASE CHECK UNDER ACCESSORIES, CURATED VINTAGE, DECORE for more I'm not posting everything on New Arrivals  All of the flowers, French Passementerie are from my extensive collection. The are antique 30's these are not new!  I'm parting with some because they are so in style this season. I used for my show and have had requests. I have so much I just grabbed some that were on top of the pile. These I'm listing today except for the white were NOT used in my show. These are larger for slips ,chokers, wrist or hair corsage.

This one is perfect for any of the above uses. The pretties I think. Velvet and silk. I really love the velvet ones. They are getting harder for me to find.

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The flowers can be steamed to make more fluffy I didn't steam them

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