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New more sparkle added Our Classic Anna Karenina Coat Boudoir Queen



Lots of photos coming in our new up and coming shoot these are just quickies and I will try and take more. I need to pull my professional lights out on this one. It's raining and dark here. This has a great neckline that stands up. Can be seen on the sold black snake whiting and Davis photos// GOOGLE BOUDOIR QUEEN ANNA KARENINA COATS for previous coats of the past. I love the ruff sleave

we've added more on the last images a bit more sparkle

Our Classic Anna Karenina Coat Boudoir Queen
size sm/medium
This is a style that has also been very popular for us. We try and make one every year or so.
All vintage elements
Art Deco Emerald green with pin tucking

High collar

crown Button

Royal Eye Label

white satin original lining 

Made with that glorious old silk velvet we all covet

embellishments 1900's lace and 20's embroidered flowers

all sales final

One of a kind sturdy condition

Expect imperfections slight on all items that are pre loved vintage

all sales final 

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