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SOLD LAST ONE Summer PF23 Gidgit Travler's Tote Bag Velvet w/ Bow Flower One of a Kind Lined with Pocket and Logo

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We’re excited about our new velvet Traveler 🧳 Tote Bags. This is the #Gidgit” bag. Many of you know we started our line with Doll Purses and it somehow morphed into something bigger. We are doing larger travel bags now each one of a kind. This is the first we made for the show. Our model was wearing on the lounge. Lots of video footage (on IG). All 40's velvet with large matching bow 🌺 floral lining pocket and #boudoirqueen label great for on the plane beach or an overnight stay. Just wear as a purse . 💕🌸 Check out Boudoirqueen Instagram for lots of new pretties! Each one of a kind and this is our sample available now. The color is vintage coral/pink

Each one of a kind 

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