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Boudoir Queen "SICK FANCY" Collection May 5th New Garments are landing We ship to the USA only during this time 🇺🇸


Boudoir Queen All Victorian Embroidered Organdy/ Linen/Lace Fabric Hoop Skirt


I'm a little excited about this as we had ours pre Dior. We've actually made several hoop skirts over the years and many pannier dresses. This one is USA ONLY as the package would be quit large. If you are in the USA contact because the shipping will be higher than the normal rate. 

All victorian textiles except the hoop is later and the under netting is new. We have this ready to custom fit up to possibly a 35 waist max. Its adjustable hips and legs free. Bra-lette on another listing. This will take 10 days to fish after purchase we pinned to the model for the show so that we could do custom for whomever gets the skirt.


all sales final

One of a kind