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A Testimonial to Teal Boudoir Queen Classic Custom Ready To Ship "Virgilene Maxi Dress"

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The Virgilene Maxi Dress
More Photos coming

Teal dimensions:

Size Medium Up to 38” around chest

Up to 34” waist 43” waist to hem 19” overall sleeve length

This is our testimony to to teal. If you have been following us thru the years you know we do a collection of repeatable designs about every 3 to four years. Our specialty is the use of vintage fabrics however, we make the occasional collection of BQ inspired copies out of newer fabrics so that they are more affordable and they do not have to be gently worn. You will notice in most collections there will be a nod to teal. last collection was a teal ostrich feathers feathers. P.S. I have more and they are of course vintage! I love this dress and the good news is we can make about 4 to 5 of these. I'm not big on shooting my line on mannequins and dress forms I do like to use our humans so please use your 
imagination during this Covid time. My co designer Shannon sent me the photos so we could get this show on the road. I love this dress it is ready to ship.

Fabric has a nice bit of stretch lightweight netting Peek a boo needs a slip and I suggest black on this one but red could even be splendid.
Black velvet Bow 
front bib panels are one of a kind each are slightly different


If you are buying over sea outside of the USA shipping is 52.00 Please contact us so that we can give you a precise shipping fee. Expect for the item to be in customs and there will be duties. We are not responsible for lost packages however we pay for tracking of ever item and do our best to help you with any shipping problems. We have lost a package yet and my customers know we are very helpful with all your issues since we are a smaller company.